The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network is an independent student group run out of the Unversity of Maryland, Baltimore.  The information on this website is intended to provide general information on our services and philosophy.  It does not represent the views of the University of Maryland, Baltimore nor is it affliated at all with University of Maryland, Baltimore.


EIX highlights UMB’s entrepreneurial progress and achievements through presentations by student and faculty entrepreneurs, as well as through panel discussions with key university influencers.

By attending EIX, you will play an active role in aligning and fostering UMB’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Thanks to everyone who helped make EIX 2017 such a success!  

2017 Entrepreneurial Strategy Panel

Sara Menso, MS

Rana Quraishi, PHD

Jenny Owens, ScD

Scott Thompson, PhD

Dean Natalie Eddington, PhD, FCP, FAAPS

Faculty/Staff Speakers

Scott Strome, MD

David Goodlett, PhD

Chris Meenan, BS

Student/Postdoc Speakers

Adam Van Dye, PhD

Bryan Mackowiak, PhD Candidate

Rachel McCabe, MD Candidate

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Network

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